Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friday where are you???

You've gotta be kidding me? Today is only Wednesday! Could this week drag ass any more than it already  is?

I had the enjoyment of watching a kid piss himself today and then asked me to unbutton his pants...of course my first instinct was to say "Jesus son, did you not know you had to piss?" (kid is 8 by the way) so you know he knew he had to go, Im just sayin'. But my patient (haha) self replied "Oh its okay, you can just pull your pants down without undoing the button, who needs buttons anyway" Needless to say this 30 second "uh-oh" turned into a 10 minute bathroom ordeal,  all with me still avoiding touching anything regarding piss, pissed pants, pissed-on buttons.

Lesson of the day, when you gotta go piss, just freakin' go!


  1. Obsessing over this new blog!!! Thank you for finally joining the circuit!